5 Expert Tips Reveal How to be Better Prepared for a Home Inspection

Selling a home can be a stressful process.  First you have to find an interested buyer, and then the contract negotiations must be accepted by both parties.  One area that can often cause a great deal of concern for sellers is how the house will look during the home inspection.  It is a legitimate reason to worry – many deals have fallen apart after the inspection.  But there are ways to ensure that the process goes as smoothly as possible.

Prepare Ahead of Time

When it comes to a home inspection, a proactive approach is always best.  Don’t just hope for the best, do your own inspection first!  Walk through the interior of the home and look for any obvious issues.  Make sure the heating and A/C systems are working properly, look for signs of water damage and check in the attic to make sure vents are clear.  Outside, check the siding and gutters, clear any debris from the yard and trim any branches that hang over the roof.  It is better to make any obvious repairs ahead of the home inspection so the house is in the best condition possible when the inspector arrives.

Get a Pre-Listing Inspection

Of course, there may be issues that are not so apparent, or you may not be comfortable judging for yourself what is, or is not, a problem.  The most effective way to prepare your home for sale is to get a pre-listing home inspection.  Our qualified inspectors will come out and identify present and potential issues that you can correct before listing the home, in order to better position the home for top offers from buyers.

Prepare on the Day of the Home Inspection

On the day of the inspection, check for any minor items, like fresh batteries in the smoke detectors or burned out light bulbs, and take care of them.  Unlock all access doors to the garage, shed, basement or utility rooms.  Make sure the house is clear of clutter. And remember to secure all pets – or better yet, remove them from the house if possible.  Remove shelving, clothing or any other obstacles that may be blocking the attic entrance, windows and electrical panel so the inspector has clear access to each.  The more the inspector can see, the better!

Communicate With the Home Inspector

If you think that an inspector won’t notice something like a leaky roof, think again.  An experienced and qualified inspector will not overlook important issues.  A buyer may not feel comfortable with a sale if they feel like the seller is trying to hide anything during the home inspection, so it is best to be up front with the inspector if you are aware of any defects in the home’s structure or systems. 

Provide Appropriate Documentation

If you have done any major renovations on the home, provide the inspector with building permits and plans.  It is also wise to provide documents or paperwork for any minor repair work that has been completed, as well as copies of invoices or warranties for new appliances, furnaces, heating or A/C systems, etc.

At Lakes Area Home Inspections, we are extremely detailed in our reports and we will make sure a buyer has all of the important information they need to make an informed decision.  But we are not in business to derail closings.  We WANT the inspection to go well and for all parties to be happy with the transaction.  Hopefully these tips will help sellers to ensure their home is prepared for the best offers!  Contact Lakes Area Home Inspections at 262-818-0911 for more information or to schedule a seller’s inspection to really make sure your home is ready.

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