A Home Inspector CAN’T Tell You These Things (but Here’s How to Get Answers)

When your countless hours of house hunting have finally resulted in what seems like the perfect home, you should always get a home inspection before settling on a final sales contract.  Working with a home inspector is a vital part of the home buying process, as it is the best way to get a true idea of the condition of the home, both inside and out, as well as discover any hidden issues that may turn into future problems. 

While a home inspector can be a great source of valuable information, there are limits to what they can tell you:

What is Behind the Walls

The home inspectors at Lakes Area Home Inspections are indeed knowledgeable, but we are not psychic or magic.  Therefore, we cannot see through walls.  Mold or asbestos are not things that are detected in a standard home inspection, as specific tests are needed to confirm them.  Your home inspector may notice signs of a problem, and will certainly let you know if we do.  But if there are any concerns, additional testing would be highly recommended.

The Presence of Pests

This is another area where we may be able to assume the presence of a problem, such as finding mouse droppings or chewed wires, but unless we see an actual rodent, we cannot say with certainty that there are pests currently residing in the house.

How Much a Repair Will Cost

At Lakes Area Home Inspections, we are highly skilled when it comes to determining the condition of the major components of a home, from the roof and siding to the heating, cooling and plumbing systems.  But although we may think that a repair is warranted now or in the near future, we are not licensed technicians and we do not offer repair services.  A potential buyer should, however, research potential repair costs in order to properly negotiate the sales contract.

Whether You Should Buy the House

The detailed reports provided by your home inspector will provide a buyer with a clear picture of any possible issues with a home, but the decision to buy lies with each individual person.  Everyone is looking for something different, and while some repairs are perfectly acceptable to some, they may be deal-breakers for others.  Buying a home is a personal decision and we are here to help you make the most informed decision possible.

While there are things that your home inspector is not able to tell you, in the end, the best way to get the most informed answers is to always work with a highly qualified and certified inspector, like Lakes Area Home Inspections.  There are so many things that can be missed during an inspection that can end up costing a home buyer a lot of money down the line.  Our experience, credentials and professionalism mean you get the most accurate information about a house, while providing exceptional customer service to all of our clients.  Call us today at 262-818-0911 or 224-338-8885 to schedule your appointment.

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