Brilliant Home Maintenance Hacks You’ll Wish You Knew Earlier

At Lakes Area Home Inspections, we’ve seen many cases where the inspection didn’t go as planned because the home was simply not maintained properly.   Home maintenance is important, as it can extend the life of your home’s major systems and appliances and keep the home in good overall working order – which is very significant when it comes time to sell.  But where do you find the time to keep up on all this home maintenance?  Use these fantastic time-saving hacks all around the house!


  • Rub a cut lemon over chrome to easily remove tough water spots
  • Remove stains and bacteria from tile grout with a bleach pen
  • Alka-Seltzer is great for unclogging bathroom drains without harsh chemicals
  • Clogging and buildup can easily be removed by securing a plastic bag filled with vinegar around a shower head


  • Run ice and lemon rinds in the garbage disposal to sharpen the blades
  • Wipe down a clean vent hood with cooking oil to prevent dust buildup
  • Pull out the refrigerator a bit from the wall to extend its life and save on energy bills
  • Clean out a coffee maker by mixing equal parts water and vinegar and running it through a cycle


  • Remove scratches from hard wood floors by rubbing walnuts on them
  • Creaking in wood floors can be stopped by rubbing baby powder into floor cracks
  • Place a boot tray at the door to collect dirt before it gets on the floor

Windows and Walls

  • Use clear nail polish for a temporary fix to fill in window chips
  • Wrap a sock around tongs to easily clean between blinds
  • Spot clean walls as you notice dirty spots to avoid buildup of grime and oils that can be difficult to clean


  • Install gutter guards to cut down on leaf buildup and clogging throughout the year
  • Touch up exterior paint as needed to prolong the need to repaint the entire house
  • If you can’t remember to water the plants, fill a wine bottle and insert it upside down into the soil for a gradual release of water as the plant needs it
  • Use cooking spray on your mower blades to keep grass clippings from sticking

Home maintenance is an important part of extending the life of your home and its components.  And if you try to sell the house, proper maintenance can add overall value and help you get top dollar at closing.  Lakes Area Home Inspections thoroughly examines all interior and exterior aspects of a home to provide detailed information on the true condition of the home.  Our services are useful for both buyers and sellers and our experienced, certified inspectors provide trustworthy results that are so important in the buying and selling process.  Contact us at 224-338-8885 or 262-818-0911 for information or to schedule your appointment.

LAHI serves the entire area of Northern IL and Southern WI.  If you are in Woodstock, Grayslake, Crystal Lake, Palatine or the surrounding areas, give us a call at (224) 334-8885 so we can get you on our schedule

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