Most Common Issues Found During a Home Inspection

If you are in the process of buying or selling a house, you should be aware of the importance of a home inspection.  Sellers can use the findings to make improvements before listing their home in order to get top dollar, and buyers need one to make sure there won’t be any surprise repairs after moving in.  To get an idea of what can be discovered during a home inspection, here is a list of common findings during the inspection process.

Faulty Wiring

There are many wiring problems that get discovered during a home inspection, especially in older homes, and most can be dangerous.  From open junction boxes to inadequate fuse boxes, these problems often require immediate attention to repair.

Plumbing Issues

Low water pressure, leaks that cause mold or drywall damage, broken toilets, or slow and clogged drains are a few of the problems inspectors find in the plumbing systems.  Not all plumbing issues are critical to fix, but it is still important to know what the problems are, as they will still cost money to repair.

Roof Problems

Repairing a roof can be a very expensive process so it is imperative that any roof problems get discovered during the home inspection.  Brittle or curled shingles or poorly installed or missing flashing are some issues that would need attention.  Buyers should also be aware that they may not be able to obtain financing until the roof has been repaired, which makes the home inspection even more crucial.

Bad Gutters

While not necessarily an expensive problem, bad gutters can still cause significant damage to the home and are one of the most common issues found during an inspection.  Clogged or bent gutters mean water does not get channeled away from the house and can lead to damage to the foundation, walls, ceiling and landscaping.

Heating/Cooling System Defects

The weather in the Midwest can get extreme, so it’s very important to make sure the heat and air conditioning will work when needed.  A home inspection often reveals problems with the HVAC system, such as improper installations, poor maintenance or old components.

While these are just a few of the most common issues, there are many more problems that can arise during the home inspection process.  At Lakes Area Home Inspections, our detailed inspections include a thorough check of all the major interior and exterior components of a house, and a complete report of our findings so home buyers and sellers can make the most informed decisions.  Call us at 262-818-0911 in Southern Wisconsin or 224-338-8885 in Northern Illinois to schedule your appointment.

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