Too Hot in the House? Discover These 7 Hidden Air Conditioning Problems

Now that summer is in full swing, with temperatures rising into the uncomfortable zone, the air conditioning will probably be on frequently to keep things bearable in the house.  However, if your system has not been properly maintained, problems can arise and it might not run correctly.  If your system is not working like it should, here are a few things to watch out for that might be causing the problems.

Air Conditioning Problems are Often a Result of the Following Things

  • A dirty filter on central AC units that is not changed once a month can cause restricted airflow
  • When your AC compressor is on, it requires significant air flow.  The fins on the unit can become clogged which makes the system work twice as hard.  Clean the compressor fins regularly especially if they are next to external dryer vents
  • Heat generated from an appliance that is too close to the thermostat can affect the sensor and cause the AC to run longer than necessary
  • Registers are dirty or blocked by furniture
  • The thermostat is on the wrong setting
  • Too much sunlight in a room can cause your AC unit to work harder
  • Outside plants or bushes are too close to the compressor, not allowing for adequate airflow

Home Inspections Should Include the Air Conditioning System

You don’t want to move in to a new house, only to discover air conditioning issues once the weather starts heating up.  That’s why an inspection is important before closing on the deal.  During the inspection process, Lakes Area Home Inspections will examine the air conditioning system and equipment, along with other major and minor interior and exterior components, to ensure that everything is working properly.  These finding are included in the detailed reports that are always provided at the end of each inspection.  Call us today at 262-818-0911 in Southern Wisconsin or 224-338-8885 in Northern Illinois to schedule an appointment or visit for more information. 

LAHI serves the entire area of Northern IL and Southern WI.  If you are in Wauconda, Lake Zurich, Des Plaines, Lake in the HIlls or the surrounding areas, give us a call at (224) 334-8885 so we can get you on our schedule

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