These 6 Home Inspection Findings Could be Signs of Future Trouble

When buying a new house, an important step in the process is having the home inspected.  The inspection can reveal the real condition of the home, including issues you may never have noticed on your own.  Unfortunately, the home inspection can uncover issues that can be major problems in the long term, and therefore might make that dream home not so dreamy after all.

Here are some problems that should make you think twice about signing a contract:

Foundation Issues:  This type of problem is big, and can be extremely expensive to fix.  Some cracks are acceptable, but major foundation issues should be a huge red flag.  An experienced inspector, like Lakes Area Home Inspections, can tell the difference between common settling and major damage.

Mold: There are many different types of mold and some have the potential to cause serious health issues.  Obvious mold can also be a sign of more serious concerns like foundation or plumbing issues.

Water Damage:  From a small stain on the ceiling to standing water in the basement, signs of water damage almost always mean larger, more expensive problems are present.  Your inspector can give you an idea of what issues may need to be dealt with now or in the near future when water damage is found.

Roof Problems:  A good roof is essential and replacing one can be very costly.  Curling or missing shingles or holes in the roof can result in leaks, high energy bills, mold and even access for wild critters.  Your Lakes Area Home Inspector will check to make sure there are no signs of roof damage as part of the detailed inspection process.

Furnace Issues:  Furnaces need to be properly maintained in order to continue working well.  Since working heat is imperative to a home, if a furnace has been neglected and needs to be replaced, it can cost thousands of dollars.

Old Electrical System:  If you are looking at an older home, the electrical system may be too old to pass code requirements.  Besides posing a possible safety risk, old wiring will likely need to be replaced which can be expensive.  Our inspectors will examine visible wiring, service panels and will test random outlets to determine the safety of the current system.

While none of these issues have to be deal-breakers, it is very important for potential buyers to have all of the information about the condition of a house and its components in order to make the most informed decision.  Many of these problems would require additional money to be invested into the home, which should be accounted for in a purchase contract.

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