Practical Tips for a Home Seller to Get Their Home in Top Condition

As we make our way through the chilly days of winter, people’s thoughts tend to drift toward spring and the possibility of moving.  If you are considering a move, it’s best to prepare ahead of time in order to maximize your sales price!  Here are some great ideas for a home seller to make sure their house stands out from the competition.

Interior improvements

On the interior, both big and small changes can have a real impact of a buyer’s decision.  For instance, cleaning and decluttering, replacing burned out light bulbs or adding a fresh layer of paint to the walls are little things that can make a big impression.  Likewise, large improvements such as a kitchen or bathroom remodel can give an updated look and also add to the overall resale value.

Exterior improvements

Curb appeal goes a long way when selling a house.  The exterior is the first thing a potential buyer sees when they arrive – and first impressions are important.  Therefore, any exterior improvements will be a benefit to the home seller.  One small but important example would be making sure the grass is cut, weeds are pulled and bushes are trimmed nicely.  In addition, siding and windows should be cleaned and free of damage.  Large exterior improvement should also be completed, if possible.  For example, structural issues, like a crumbling roof, would definitely need to be addressed before putting a house on the market.

Pre-Listing Home Inspection for the Home Seller

While cosmetic issues can be easily corrected, and are usually pretty easy to spot, more serious problems can be discovered through a home inspection completed prior to listing the house.  A pre-listing home inspection will give the home seller a true picture of any major or minor issues with the house.  Therefore, they can make any necessary repairs first, then list the house priced for the highest sale possible.

Lakes Area Home Inspections has completed hundreds of pre-listing inspections for sellers.  Our ASHI certified inspectors know just what to look for, both inside and out, so sellers can be sure that they are getting the best value for their home.  Call us today at 262-818-0911 to schedule your inspection or for more information.   

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