3 Hidden Issues a Quality Home Inspection can Reveal

Buying a home is exciting, and it can be a thrill seeing your dreams become a reality.  But it can also be overwhelming as it is a big responsibility.  With so much to think about, homebuyers may not realize the importance of an inspection.  However, many issues in a home are not visible to an untrained eye or during a casual walk-through.  In fact, a quality home inspection can reveal many important issues that a homebuyer needs to know about a house before making a final decision.

Electrical Issues

Homeowners, and especially new home buyers, often have no idea what to look for when it comes to the electrical components in a house.  They might flip the switch to see if the lights work.  But beyond that, they might not think of this important issue.  A quality home inspection will include inspecting the outside entrance wiring, the service panel and any visible wiring, as well as random testing of outlets throughout the house.  Electrical issues that are not corrected promptly can be dangerous, and can even lead to a fire.

Structural Issues

Issues with the structure of a home are extremely important and they can be easily missed by casual observation.  This is why a quality home inspection is so critical in the home buying process.  For example, a basement leak is bad news but it may not be totally obvious.  A trained inspector looks for more subtle signs of moisture, such as condensation on the walls or the smell of mildew.  

Water Leaks

Just because you don’t see a stream of water coming from the ceiling, doesn’t mean there are not water issues that you should be aware of.  A good inspector will notice stains on the ceiling that indicate a possible recent leak.  Additionally, they will check the condition of the roof and gutters to check for signs of water intrusion.  A quality home inspection also includes details regarding the plumbing components and evidence of damage or improper function.

When buying a home, you must remember that things are not always as good as they might appear.  A seller might try their best to make the home appear as if there are no issues, but a quality home inspection is the way to look below the surface and discover any real problems that need to be dealt with.  At Lakes Area Home Inspections, our decades of experience ensure that all inspection and reports are thorough and accurate and help buyers get a true picture of the condition of a home.  Contact us at 262-818-0911 for an appointment.

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