Quick and Easy Checklist for Spring Home Maintenance

Ah, spring is in the air.  When the weather begins to warm up it makes people want to get up and get moving!  While spring cleaning is a popular activity for homeowners at this time of year, they should understand that proper home maintenance in spring should entail more than just tidying up the clutter.  There are some important tasks that should be tended to in order to keep the house in good working order for the rest of the year.

Exterior Home Maintenance

Check the Roof and Gutters – Winter weather can be very harsh on a roof.  And ice dams that formed during the freezing months can leave sagging gutters in the spring.  Make sure there are no visible loose shingles, and that gutters are tightly attached to the house.  Of course, if you have any doubt, call a professional to get up on the roof for a more thorough inspection.

Wash the Siding – Siding is important for a home’s protection from the elements, as well as its visual appeal.  After checking for holes or cracks, a good pressure wash can keep mold from forming and have it looking like new.

Inspect Wood Decks, Railings and Windowsills for Rot – rotting wood can be unstable and unsafe and should be fixed quickly.  Additionally, windows that are in poor condition can lead to air leaks and higher energy costs for cooling the house in warmer months.

Interior Home Maintenance

Replace HVAC Filters – dirty filters will make the system work harder to circulate air around the house.  And on top of that, it will be spreading dirt, dust and allergens.  Spring is a great time to stay on top of this task.

Look for Moisture in the Basement – winter weather can result in cracks in the foundation, and broken gutters can cause water to back up against the house and leak in.  Water in the basement not only damages personal items, but it can lead to mold growth.  And it can be a sign of a structural problem, so it should always be taken seriously.

Check the Dryer Vent – lint buildup in the dryer vent is very common and it can be dangerous.  It not only causes the dryer to work longer to dry clothes, but it can increase the chance of a house fire.  Cleaning the dryer vent can be a DIY project or you can call in a pro to do it for you. 

Home maintenance is a necessary part of owning a home, and not just in the spring.  Year-round effort is needed in order to avoid large, costly repairs.  If you are looking to buy or sell a home, the right home inspector can let you know if a home appears to have been properly maintained.  This important task is taken seriously by the qualified inspectors at Lakes Area Home Inspections.  Our detailed reports cover both interior and exterior components and give a true determination of the condition of a home.

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