The Importance of Proper Attic Ventilation

The attic is an important area of the house, but its value is often underestimated.  Since the attic is out of sight it is easy to forget about it and neglect the proper care and maintenance that can make a difference in the comfort levels of the house, as well as the condition of the house. 

Why is Attic Ventilation Important?

In the summer when hot air beats down on the roof, the heat can get trapped in the attic which causes the temperature inside the house to rise.  This, in turn, causes the homeowner to turn up the air conditioning to keep the temperature cooler in the house.  This can increase wear on the A/C system and drive up the utility costs.  The moisture from the hot air can also build up in the attic and the condensation can lead to damage to the roof and shingles.

The problems are not limited to summer, either.  In the colder months, the warm air from the heated house rises into the attic and again gets trapped when there is no ventilation to let it escape.  The moisture continues to build up and can cause a multitude of wintertime issues.  The moisture meeting the cold air in the attic can buckle and pop the shingles, it can rot the wood or it can drip into the insulation and cause mold and mildew.  Also, when snow melts on the roof, the water can refreeze on the eaves and gutters and create damaging ice dams.

What is the Best Way to Improve the Attic Ventilation?

Now that you know the problems that improper ventilation can cause, the most effective remedy is to add additional vents.  You can gain the most airflow with the least amount of trouble by installing soffit vents, which create an intake of air into the attic from the outside.  Additionally, you can opt for roof vents, ridge vents or gable vents, which all release the air taken in through the soffit vents out the top of the roof, creating a continuous air flow.  If you are comfortable and familiar with this type of work, these vents can be installed as a DIY project.  Otherwise, it is an easy job for a professional to handle.

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