Spring Driveway Maintenance Tips

There’s no better feeling than watching the winter snow melt away for good as the signs of spring take over.  But once the snow clears out you will be able to see the damage the winter left behind.  The driveway often takes a beating in the winter months so here are some tips to get each type of material back in shape!

Asphalt Driveways

Winter’s moisture and constant temperature fluctuations, along with shoveling or snow blowing, can leave cracks and potholes in the asphalt.  When the weather clears, hose down the driveway of dirt and debris that has collected and repair the damage.  Minor cracks or holes can be a DIY project, but the best form of maintenance is to have the driveway fully sealcoated with high-quality materials.  If weeds have started growing along the edges, pull them out for a polished look and apply weed killer to prevent them from growing back.

Concrete Driveways

Concrete makes for a great looking driveway, but it is not immune to damage.  Freezing and thawing can lead to cracking and crumbling, and rock salt and chemical de-icers can cause further damage.  Cracks in the concrete can be caulked and sealed.  For more major damage, or if the driveway is very old, a concrete driveway can be resealed or resurfaced to transform weather-damaged concrete back to like-new condition.

Brick or Paver Driveways

A beautifully maintained paver driveway can add tons of curb appeal to a house.  But as with other materials, winter can leave it in need of repair.  Moisture can cause cracking, plows can chip the bricks and deicing agents can lead to additional damage.  Your spring maintenance should include checking for cracked pavers, replacing any that are damaged and resetting any sunken pavers.  The warmer weather is the perfect time to seal you paver driveway to lessen the impact of future harsh winter weather.

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