Top Complaints About Service Providers – And How We Overcome Them

When you are in the business of providing a service to another person, it is very important to know what people expect in the way of service so you can meet, or even exceed, those expectations.  At Lakes Area Home Inspections, we have seen our clients get annoyed or frustrated by other companies for a number of reasons, but through our decades of business experience we have fine-tuned the superior service we provide in order to avoid those issues.  These are some of the biggest pet peeves people have when it comes to the service providers they deal with:

They Are Not Focused

When a worker is distracted, he or she is more likely to make a mistake.  And when it comes to a home inspection, you don’t want mistakes!  Our inspectors give our full attention to each property we visit and will even turn OFF our phones during the inspection in order to avoid unnecessary distractions.  This allows our clients to listen to important information and ask questions without the constant blip of a phone interrupting the process.

They Are Rude

Having a good personality is not necessarily required to perform a job well, but it can certainly make a difference in the overall experience!  Would you rather work with someone who is angry, bitter and clearly looking to just collect their paycheck and get out, or with someone who is engaging, friendly and eager to make the experience pleasant and informative for everyone involved?  Our inspectors always make sure the client is comfortable with the process and that they get all of their questions answered, so they can feel confident in their real estate transaction.

They Are Late

When someone is scheduled to come into a home for a service, most people need to make some sort of accommodation for this in the way of altering their schedule or taking time off of work.  So when the service provider is late (or doesn’t show at all!) it can be very frustrating for the client.  Lakes Area Home Inspections respects our clients and we always do our very best to arrive on time to our appointments, barring any outside factors beyond our control. 

Lakes Area Home inspectors are honest, educated, ASHI certified professionals who are trusted by our customers and continually receive positive reviews for our outstanding work and service.  Contact us at 282-818-0911 or 224-338-8885 to learn more or to schedule your appointment. 

LAHI serves the entire area of Northern IL and Southern WI.  If you are in Lake Forest, Mundelein, Lakemoor, Ingleside or the surrounding areas, give us a call at (224) 334-8885 so we can get you on our schedule

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