What Are The Most Popular Paint Colors for Home Interiors in 2019?

So you are thinking of selling your home in 2019?  Painting is often an easy & inexpensive way to give your home an updated look.  Remember, buyers might pay more for a home that is fresh & trending with the most popular paint colors!

Of course, before you put your home on the market, it is wise to have a “pre-home inspection.”  This allows you to see what needs to be fixed BEFORE it becomes an issue with a sale completion.  For the best inspection around, call Lakes Area Home Improvements at 262-818-0911.  We will give you peace of mind BEFORE that sale!

Here are the most popular interior paint colors for 2019:

#10  Hazelnut – this warm and inviting color brings warmth and light into the room.  Pair with accent paint colors to make the room pop

#9 Lilac Gray – Gray has been the top color for the last few years and this is the new spin.  Adding just a hint of purple to that light gray gives the room a regal look.

#8  Dark Green – makes you think warm & sophisticated.  This color is best used as an accent wall to modernize an otherwise drab room.

#7  Muted Pastels – no longer just for the nursery or kids’ rooms!  This chalky, soothing color is the perfect choice for bathrooms and kitchens.

#6  Soft Clay – this is the new neutral that pairs well with accents of canary yellow or deep red.  Inviting and warm, this would work well in any room of your house.

#5  New Blues – soft, warm, almost gray.  Playing off of the last gray trend, add just a hint more blue to get to this trending color.  Keep this one light to make sure it doesn’t look like the 80’s nautical blue!

#4  Mustard Yellow – can sound overwhelming but works well as an accent wall or accent trim.  Paired with the Hazelnut color which is also popular, it makes the room cozy and warm.

#3  Mist – is it gray?  Is it blue?  Is it green?  This smoky, undefined color is the perfect backdrop for your favorite bold color.  Know that the accent color will make this wall seem like the perfect pair.

#2  Mushroom – no, it’s not brown!  This is not a poop emoji color – it’s a calming, gender neutral shade that works well with gold or rust accents.

#1  Pewter – this slightly silvery gray is the perfect choice to get away from those standard white walls.  In fact, it’s so easy on the eyes that it can be used in multiple rooms throughout your house!


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