What MUST You Fix Before Listing a House? PART ONE

There are lots of small steps you can take to have a big impact on the value of your house.  Some of these can add up to getting a much higher selling price!

Don’t think you are on your own in making decisions on what to replace or repair.  Your Home Inspector can be a great resource as well as your Real Estate Agent.  As soon as you decide to sell, start making these changes so you have time to complete them before you list your house.

For a great resource, have Lakes Area Home Inspections out at the beginning of the process.  Our inspectors are friendly and knowledgeable and can point out fixes that need to be made so you get a great price for your house.  Reach out to us at 262-818-0911 to schedule your appointment!

Here are 2 things that most commonly need fixing before you put your house on the market:

#7  Functionality – are there things around the house that should work but don’t?  Like a door that creaks loudly when opened or a stair handrail that’s missing – these things are quickly noticed by the buyer and will give a negative impression of your house.  They are also quick fixes that can be inexpensive.  Ask a neighbor to walk through your house and see what they notice.  Sometimes you don’t notice things because you are used to working around the problem.

#6  Refinishing Hardwood Floors – Yep, this gets noticed right away! A buyer will be walking throughout your house, so you don’t want them to see scuffed and scratched floors.  Although this is something that can be fixed, it can make your house look old and rundown, thereby lowering your selling price.  Make sure the hardwood is shiny and scratch-free.  This is one project that may be best done by a professional.

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