What MUST You Fix Before Listing a House? PART TWO

As we discussed last time, there are lots of small things you can change to get a higher selling price for your house!  In our last article, we discussed Functionality and Hardwood Floors (see our last post https://lahigroup.com/what-must-you-fix-before-listing-a-house-part-one/).

Your Home Inspector can be a great resource as well as your Real Estate Agent.  As soon as you decide to sell, start making these changes so you have time to complete before you list your house.

For a great resource, have Lakes Area Home Inspections out at the beginning of the process.  Our inspectors are friendly and knowledgeable and can point out fixes that need to be made so you get a great price for your house.  Reach out to us at 262-818-0911 to schedule your appointment!

Here are next 2 things that most commonly need fixing before you put your house on the market:

#5  Lighting – houses that are easiest to sell have lots of well-lit, airy rooms.  Proper lighting can make a room look bigger and more inviting.  Swapping out bulbs for brighter light (but remember to not exceed the max wattage) can be an easy fix.  For not that much money, you can also update a room with new lighting.  Also make sure heavy curtains are removed or, at the very least, tied back to let in as much natural light as possible.

#4  Bathrooms – so yes, they must be extra clean and they must also look newer.  Replacing the grout around a tub or putting in a new, more stylish mirror can really help.  This is the room that can determine the value of the house so make sure to put extra thought into what you can repair or upgrade.  Consult your realtor or your inspector before putting lots of money into this small space.  Instead of completely changing out fixtures, there are other ways to update the look (new towels, new shower curtain, etc.)

Check back next time for the TOP 3 THINGS!

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Sourced from:  https://www.maxrealestateexposure.com/things-to-repair-before-selling-a-house/

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